Sink Ya Teeth Share New Single "The Hot House," Announce New Album

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Sink Ya Teeth Share New Single "The Hot House," Announce New Album

English dance-punk duo Sink Ya Teeth have released their first new song since their 2018 self-titled debut. The single, a darkly danceable house tribute titled “The Hot House,” comes with the announcement of the group’s second record, aptly titled Two, which will be out in February 2020 on Hey Buffalo Records.

“The Hot House” conveys two starkly contrasting moods at once: a cool ‘80s club ambiance and a sinister no-wave undertone. While the pulsing drum machine beat lays out the song’s heartbeat, the rippling strums of a distorted guitar create an ominous texture. Imagine the overlords of hell forcing a dark club of damned souls to dance for eternity—the groove is there, but so is the fear. With a Grace Jones intensity, singer Maria Uzor sings the echoing line, “We can make hate love.”

The video for “The Hot House” follows the duo as they walk through Oxford nightlife filming each other on their iPhones. As they roll up to their show venue, the video vignettes capture their preparation and performance with a dizzying strobe display. Uzor explains how the lo-res video defines their artistic essence as a do-it-yourself group:

We were in Oxford at the time, about to play a gig and pulling our hair out with literally days to the video deadline. In proper last-minute fashion, we decided to shoot some footage on our phones of that night and get the audience at the venue to shoot some stuff too and email it over … You don’t get much more DIY than that.

Two is out Feb. 28, 2020, on Hey Buffalo Records. You can watch the video for “The Hot House” below.