Southern Bitch - Snake In The Grass

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Southern Bitch - Snake In The Grass

Drive-By Truckers' brethren get political, rock out on sophomore set

This band of roughnecks is in the business of bludgeoning listeners’ eardrums

with anthemic, sledgehammer Southern rock. But Snake In The Grass has as much to do with The Stooges, Led Zeppelin and early AC/DC as it does with Lynyrd Skynyrd. Anchored by singin’ (and guitar-slingin’) husband-and-wife team Adam and Wendy Musick, as well as a rock-solid rhythm section, Southern Bitch wails like there’s no tomorrow, raging against what they see as blind American injustice, armed with a bazooka-full of seditious arena-rock riffs and a 5,000-lb. bomb of righteous indignation.