St. Vincent Falls for Clickhole Bait, Rebounds With Grace

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Living in a click bait hellscape isn’t easy, but most of us have somehow learned to navigate the internet’s bog of satirical and trollish content.

Yesterday, singer and songwriter St. Vincent revealed herself to be adorably lacking in that area. The artist became the latest public figure to fall victim to the internet’s hazy sense of humor after responding “earnestly” to one of Clickhole’s recurring features.

In the site’s latest roundup of fabricated and farcical celebrity quotes for their “They Said What” feature, it attributed quite the batty statement to the indie rock musician.

“Is a single shoelace any good for playing tug of war?” the satirical website wrote. “No. Can it be a decent leash for a mouse? You bet. How about for tying a cruise liner to a dock? Of course not. Will it keep your cleats on your feet? That’s a no-brainer. Don’t even get me started on all the things two shoelaces can and can’t do.”

After reading this, St. Vincent apparently became so perturbed by the manufactured attribution that she told the website to “keep her out of” whatever daft game they were playing because she “is not the mad hatter.”

It wasn’t long before St. Vincent realized what Clickhole is. As the haze cleared and she saw what she had accidentally stepped into, she quickly stepped out of it and offered an adorably graceful and conciliatory response.