Daily Dose: Stef Chura, “Scream”

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Daily Dose: Stef Chura, “Scream”

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On Friday, Detroit indie-riffer Stef Chura will release Midnight, an album that we are quite excited to get our hands and ears on. To make that wait just a touch easier, Chura shared a new song and video as the album’s final single on Wednesday morning.

“Scream” is peak Chura; skronky, introspective, fuzzy, fun. Over staccato guitar riffs, Chura shouts at an unnamed figure, revealing feelings of loneliness and anger; with a crunchy bass line and chomping drums, the song is a delight, effortlessly moving from one verse to its subdued guitar solo bridge, to its crescendoing finale.

Chura explains in a statement that the song is “about the dual self: a person who thinks of themselves in one way vs. how they actually are and treat others … a reflection of their loneliness and anger.” The video reflects the lyrical alienation, placing Chura in an abandoned high school gym as she plays to no one. Throwing back to the days of overhead projectors, apple pipes and bathroom makeouts, Chura places herself as the indie-rock outcast in a cheerleader’s outfit.

The song is over too soon, but it’s a welcome salve until Midnight releases June 7 via Saddle Creek. Watch the video and Chura’s 2017 Paste session below, and revisit earlier single “Sweet Sweet Midnight” here.

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