Stronger Sex

Daytrotter Session - Nov 10, 2017

Stronger Sex – Daytrotter Session – Nov 10, 2017
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  1. Welcome to Daytrotter
  2. D
  3. Dead Women
  4. Sean Barna
  5. Pizza Map Handkerchief

Stronger Sex in the kind of electro-pop band you’d rather see playing in the middle of an art museum than in a dank, dark club. Their meshed and twisted soundscapes turn themselves into meticulously crafted pop songs which travel and change so much that even if you had a technological understanding of the instruments they employ, the true genesis of these sounds would remain a mystery. But these aren’t pop songs that give up all their secrets on a first listen, either; more nuance can be discovered in the songs as long as you keep panning for gold. While the music remains very danceable, the beats are often elusive and offer themselves more as a backdrop for what sounds like an audial kaleidoscope, a dense quilt of colors that goes far beyond the basic and tactile. Stronger Sex has been described (or self-labeled) as a sci-fi cabaret. Once you hear this session it’ll be difficult to refute that turn of phrase. Sounds and melodies come across the stage as actors and dancers would, hanging out for a bit amongst robots and extra-terrestrial beings, before being grounded again in real contemplation with lyrics that are easy to digest but still just outside the realm of complete understanding. With two voices that are markedly human (as in, not laid over with too many effects) we can experience a techno bliss without forgetting who makes the machines.