Daily Dose: SUA, "Hunting"

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Daily Dose: SUA, "Hunting"

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In Basque Country, tucked away in the north of Spain, a band named SUA have released their eponymous debut EP. The opening track serves as an intoxicating introduction to the quartet, whose name means “fire” in Basque. It’s a moniker they live up to easily with white-hot guitar and frontwoman Ane’s blisteringly bold voice.

Ane is joined by Janire (bass), Julen (guitar) and Esteban (drums) on the EP. While hailing from the Basque town of Mungia, Ane sings in English on “Hunting,” her sharp little yips rocketing into exuberant vocals reminiscent of Poly Styrene from X-Ray Spex as she cries, “It’s hunting day ah, are you excited?” It’s a song that definitely feels made for some good old-fashioned moshing.

SUA explain of the song (as translated from Spanish):

“Hunting” refers to the typical hunter boy whose target is winning the prize after tricking his prey. The story is told by a woman, who sees the dirty play every night and doesn’t approve that behavior, but at the same time, feels annoyed for not being chosen.

Listen to “Hunting” below. You can check out the rest of SUA’s self-titled EP, released Monday via Bestia Parda Records, on Bandcamp.

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