Swedish Rockers Svvamp Share Stream Of New Album

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Swedish Rockers Svvamp Share Stream Of New Album

For as much as we like to dwell on an album, picking apart its finer details for clues as to artistic intent or some deep emotional connection we can find to relate it to our own experiences, there’s so much to be said for a record that needs no forethought or analysis. Just something to help smooth over life’s rough patches or help make those great times feel even greater.

Cue the return of Swedish trio Svvamp. This unapologetic and unfettered rock group doesn’t seem to have much to say about the human condition nor any scars they need to reveal. All they want to do is crank their amps up and beat their instruments to within an inch of their lives, while playing some of the nastiest heavy sounds this side of Grand Funk Railroad and Blue Oyster Cult.

The band is set to release their new album Svvamp 2 this coming Friday via the always reliable Riding Easy Records. And they are priming the proverbial pump by sharing a stream of the album with the fine readers of Paste. Feel free to hit play on this now, but you might be better served waiting until later when you can get a stiff drink in front of you and some open space to shake your hips and pump your fists without worrying about your co-workers reporting you to HR.

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