Swearin’ Reunite for Shows With Superchunk in 2018

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Swearin’ Reunite for Shows With Superchunk in 2018

There’s a lot to talk about when we talk about Swearin’—namely the fact that they arrived as a pinnacle of Philadelphia punk earlier this decade (with 2011’s What a Dump). Then, in 2015, they split up. Earlier this year, Allison Crutchfield (partner in the badass sisterhood that includes Katie Crutchfield of Waxahatchee) released her debut album Tourist in this Town, which was about that very same breakup with band and with boyfriend-in-band Kyle Gilbride.

As Crutchfield said in an interview with Rachel Brodsky in January, “I didn’t really know how to navigate my social life when I was home. [The title’s] also about being on tour and being in this different place every day. And about being around a person I dated for a really long time who felt like a fucking ghost or a stranger.”

Despite failures to reunite for tour dates after Crutchfield and Gilbride initially broke up, the band has now appeared on the bill with Superchunk for some dates in 2018. Here’s what Crutchfield had to say on Instagram:

An important reminder of Swearin’s early and lasting power comes from What a Dump’s title track: “I will holler and I will shake / but I could never retaliate in a manner that would equate your wrong with my hate … Being pretty is infinite / but being angry is real important and I will die before I’ll give in.” We’re guessing that goes for the band, as well.

Swearin’ 2018 Tour Dates With Superchunk:

03 – Washington, D.C. @ Black Cat
04 – Philadelphia, Pa. @ Union Transfer
06 – Cambridge, Mass. @ The Sinclair
07 – New York, N.Y. @ Bowery Ballroom
08 – New York, N.Y. @ Bowery Ballroom

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