Exclusive: Listen to Australian Trio Sweater Curse's Debut EP See You

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Exclusive: Listen to Australian Trio Sweater Curse's Debut EP <i>See You</i>

There’s a seemingly never-ending stream of great power-pop, jangle-rock and guitar music of all stripes flowing out of Oceania. Australia and New Zealand are home to some of the best—and perhaps the most—indie rock in the world. But every now and then, something especially shiny and noteworthy floats to surface. Last year, that sheen showed up in groups like Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, The Beths, Phantastic Ferniture and Camp Cope. Now, the next chapter of Aussie rock has brought us Sweater Curse, the rock-minded Brisbane trio who landed on our list of 20 rising Australian bands to know in 2019. They already have a few singles out in the world, but this Friday (March 1), they’ll finally share a proper release, their debut EP See You. But you, lucky reader, can listen early, as it’s premiering today here at Paste. Listen to the whole thing below.

Sweater Curse have been buzzy for a few years now, Pacific-side—back in 2017, with only two singles to their name, they toured with guitar vets Jen Cloher and Julia Jacklin, plus the aforementioned Camp Cope and Rolling Blackouts C.F. But if this impressive debut is any indication, they’re bound to break out even more in 2019.

Beginning with the wizened standout “Can’t See You Anymore,” Sweater Curse create an emotional arc—the rise and fall of a failing relationship—on See You in less than 25 minutes. On that first track, a truly great rock song, bassist Monica Sottile sings, “What I’ll see and how I’ll feel is beyond me,” in a state of confusion amid a swarm of steady, punk-leaning guitar riffs. Later, the unease fuels agency: “I can’t see you anymore / ‘Cause I don’t know who to adore.’”

On “Take Some Time,” the relationship in question is crumbling, but Sottile’s character is exhausted trying to save it: “Please just try for the sake of it / try not to lie / I’m so tired and I don’t have the strength to try.” Later, on the looser, darker “Mon’s Song,” swirling pedal effects and jagged electric guitars create space for an admission: “When I speak my mind I’m not afraid / I’ve been wrong before, but I need more.” Forceful single ”(Hear You)” is even more psychedelic, exploring confusing feelings before the expansive kicker “Ponyo” leaves your ears ringing with its massive walls of sound.

Again, you can listen to the See You EP below. Keep scrolling for the cover art and tracklist.

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See You Cover Art:


See You Tracklist:
01. Can’t See You Anymore
02. Take Some Time
03. Z9
04. Mon’s Song
05. (Hear You)
06. Ponyo