Tash Sultana Shares New Single, “Can’t Buy Happiness”

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Tash Sultana Shares New Single, “Can’t Buy Happiness”

Tash Sultana has shared a new single, the first piece released since their explosive 2018 LP Flow State.

“Can’t Buy Happiness” features ambient ripples of reggae-folk-infused rock that shatter into a shower of feel-goodness—the exact kind of feel-goodness you’d want and expect from the “Jungle” singer.

Sultana was propelled to the level of top-slot music festival bookings and a sold-out world tour after a Facebook video circulated of the multi-instrumentalist performing “Jungle” in their bedroom. The release of “Can’t Buy Happiness” comes just before another round of highly anticipated touring.

Check out Sultana’s video for “Can’t Buy Happiness” (dir. Dara Munnis) below.

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