The Aces Give a Sugar Rushed Performance in “Last One” Music Video

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The Aces Give a Sugar Rushed Performance in “Last One” Music Video

The Aces face a new addiction in their music video for “Last One.” It’s the girls vs. gummy bears and, spoiler alert, the gummy bears win—the foursome gradually turns into zombies as they feed their addiction. Drummer Alisa Ramirez is also back in the director’s seat with this video, having previously directed the group’s video for “Baby Who” and co-directed the video for “Volcanic Love” with Nico Poalillo.

Starting off doused in bubblegum pink, the video finds The Aces wearing over-enthusiastic grins as they bounce along to their song, eating gummy bears. The women become progressively sicklier as they perform until their skin is peeling back and their faces are deformed. In one scene Ramirez finds herself confronted by a bear-suited figure who tells her she has five days to live, and when she goes to the doctor’s office looking for help, her prescription is, of course, a pill bottle of gummy bears. True to his word, the bear figure follows the band to their “Last Show Ever,” and rather than rising from their graves as you’d expect of zombies, the women climb into coffins on stage. Like the love turned sour mentioned in the lyrics, the gummy bears become their destroyer: “You been killin’ me, takin’ all my attention.”

The Aces have been teasing this sugar-coated video to their “girlies and gentle-germs”a with clips of the group chewing on gummy bears and the bear figure counting down the days:

Watch the video for “Last One” below and find a performance by The Aces at Paste Studios further down: