The Cure: 4:13 Dream

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The Cure: <em>4:13 Dream</em>

Old Dog, Old Tricks

Like much of Robert Smith’s work over the past decade, 4:13 Dream is an ambitious mess. The sound is big and unruly: backward tape effects, strangulated psychedelic guitars, Smith wallowing, freaking out, repeating, “You’ve got what I want” with the sublime petulance of a disenchanted old Goth. He isn’t mellowing with age, but serving up more Cure, as you’ve come to expect. The slow, ominous churning on six-minute album opener “Underneath The Stars” suggests we’re approaching Bloodflowers territory. But the immediate Head on the Door pop of “The Only One” indicates we’re in for a Whitman Sampler of the band’s career. “Freakshow” doesn’t quite rock. “The Scream” features apocalyptic moaning and a disconnected beat. “The Real Snow White,” “The Perfect Boy” and “This. Here and Now. With You” are fueled by sing-song moments and earnest writhing. Looks like the only thing missing from the current-day Cure is an editor.