Daily Dose: The Garden, “Thy Mission” (feat. Mac DeMarco)

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Daily Dose: The Garden, “Thy Mission” (feat. Mac DeMarco)

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Epitaph misfits The Garden have released the music video for their scuzzy, aberrant Mac DeMarco collaboration “Thy Mission.”

The video unfolds with a certain sense of … disturbia. Set on a tabloid talk-show sound stage (The Vada Vada Show, baby!), the video fuses together the banality of daytime television with the panache of a long-lost instructional VHS tape from your childhood nightmares.

At the center of the stage sit the gentle green giant Garden twins, portraying a handful of the show’s bizarro guests in mall-goth attire, drag makeup and bleached Goku wigs. As the talk show’s knockout host, Mac DeMarco, well, plays the devil in disguise, and sprouts horns by the time his first verse arrives.

Released back in April, the experimental single plays out with the same chaotic energy as its music video. Crunchy guitars and gooey, cool-as-a-ghoul vocals collide with nervous percussion, modest synths and the occasional scream of a penny-whistle. DeMarco’s deep croons chime in after each chorus, accompanied by a squeaky, warm-toned sax. The song concludes with a blizzard of batshit screaming and crashing cymbals.

“Thy Mission” was born out of a full day of collaboration between the Los Angeles duo and DeMarco, who previously toured together in 2018. The band released their latest studio effort Mirror Might Steal Your Charm in 2018, and DeMarco is still riding the high from releasing Here Comes The Cowboy in May.

Check out the new video below.

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