Watch an Entire Mountain Goats Concert From This Day in 2009

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Watch an Entire Mountain Goats Concert From This Day in 2009

In their 25 years as a band, The Mountain Goats haven’t taken many breaks. They usually release records yearly and tour at almost the same rate. Their most recent full-length, Goths, arrived in 2017, and before we even had time to start wishing for the next album, they surprise-released an EP, Hex of Infinite Binding, in September.

Now, they’re gearing up to release their 17th studio album, the Dungeons & Dragons-inspired opus, In League With Dragons, due out April 26 on Merge Records. Ten years ago, John Darnielle and co. were just as busy, still riding the album cycle for 2008’s Heretic Pride and touring the country. Paste played witness to one stop on that tour, the band’s show at the Swedish American Hall in San Francisco. You can watch the entire performance below.

During this particular concert, the band played a whopping 26 songs including “The Best Ever Death Metal Band in Denton,” (from the 2002 favorite All Hail West Texas), “Going to Queens” (from 1995’s Sweden) and “Ox Baker Triumphant” (from the 2006 EP Babylon Springs EP), plus their hit “This Year.” They masterfully cranked out the massive setlist in just under 90 minutes.

Again, you can watch the entire Mountain Goats concert from 2009 below. While you’re here, revisit our 2017 interview with the band. Listen to the lead single from their forthcoming album right here.

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