The Prettiots: Track-By-Track Guide to Funs Cool

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The Prettiots: Track-By-Track Guide to Funs Cool

Funs Cool is the debut album from Brooklyn-based indie pop duo The Prettiots, made up of lead vocalist Kay Kasparhauser and bassist Lulu Landolfini. The album reads like one long diary entry, covering universal concepts such as lost love, the desire to give up and move to California (you know you’ve thought about it) and weird, embarrassing crushes.

“18 Wheeler”
I wrote this song after going through a breakup and then seeing my ex on the street, or on my news feed, with his new girlfriend literally every day. I felt like I was going insane.

“Boys (That I Dated In Highschool)”
Uh, this song is literally about the boys that I dated in high school. It’s all true. I didn’t even change the names that much.

“Hope Yr Happy”
Sometimes you can look back on a relationship, and it seems so perfect it’s hard to remember why it ended. Hindsight is a bitch, and retrospect can be super delusional, but this song is about remembering my ex and hoping he is happy, because he is a genuinely great dude and deserves that.

“Move to L.A.”
New York City in the winter is pretty gross. It’s slushy and grey and cold and wet, and then you get dumped, and it feels 10 times worse. Everyone who gets too depressed to live in New York moves to LA and does yoga all day and finds inner peace. Thats what this song is about.

This is about finding the perfect, unattainable dream boy. I wrote it when I was single for the first time in a long time and had no idea what I was supposed to be doing or looking for. The game was confusing, and I didn’t know how to flirt, so instead I basically wrote a checklist for my dream dude and sang about it.

“Suicide Hotline”
Wanting to kill yourself is very real. It sucks, and it’s lonely and scary. This song is about Sylvia Plath and Virginia Woolfe and Hemingway and trying to get through it all, which you can do. This song is about knowing that no feeling lasts forever and that you aren’t alone, and that its okay to feel like shit.

“Kiss me Kinksi”
I really like Herzog, and I really like Klaus Kinski in a weird way. It’s sort of emblematic of my problematic taste in men in general. This song is about having terrible taste in men and loving Klaus Kinski, even though he is a full blown psychopath who is terrifying and not someone I would want to make out with in real life, but secretly yes, maybe.

This song is a Misfits cover. I was recently talking to someone about this song, and they said they liked how our version made it sound sweet when originally it’s like a scary violent song. And then it occurred to me that I always heard this song as being a love song about loving someone so much you wanted to know what their insides looked like and realized that wasn’t the general interpretation, and maybe my view of love is a little morbid.

I really really love Law & Order SVU. I’ve watched more hours of it than anything else in the world. Elliott Stabler is all I can ever hope to find in a man. He is strong and loyal and loving and cares passionately about justice. This song is definitely not creepy at all.

This song is kind of just a conglomeration of sad stuff you think about after you’ve been dumped. And then you start to realize maybe you are stronger than your sad thinking is letting you believe, and maybe you will be okay, and then before you know it, you’re a little okay.

“Me and Little Andy”
This is a Dolly Parton song. It’s really really sad. It’s about a girl and her dog. SPOILER ALERT: Things do not end well for them.

“10-10 Would Chill Again”
This is me and Lulu lamenting the modern age. We are eating chips and talkin’ shit.

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