The Smiths Reissue Their Single "The Queen Is Dead"

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The Smiths Reissue Their Single "The Queen Is Dead"

The Smiths have reissued their single “The Queen Is Dead,” off their classic album of the same name. The reissue is a commemoration of the U.K. release of The Queen Is Dead, which debuted 31 years ago today. The reissue comes in two versions. The first version is a 7” that features the B-side “I Keep Mine Hidden,” which is the last song the band recorded.

The other version is a 12” with a total of four tracks. The 12” has the 1992 version of “The Queen Is Dead” that was previously only available on the “How Soon Is Now” CD single, in addition to B-sides “Oscillate Wildly,” “Money Changes Everything” and “The Draize Train.” The reissued singles are headed to record stores today.

Take a look at the text of the announcement from The Smiths’ Facebook page below and check out our 10 favorite songs by The Smiths here.

16th June, 1986: ‘The Queen Is Dead’ is released in the UK.

To mark the date, 2 ‘The Queen Is Dead’ singles are available now, one is a four-track 12” vinyl and one is a two-track 7” picture disc.

Head to record shops everywhere today.