Daily Dose: Valerie June: "Cosmic Dancer" (T. Rex Cover)

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Daily Dose: Valerie June: "Cosmic Dancer" (T. Rex Cover)

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Folk/soul singer Valerie June has shared a very lovely cover of the T. Rex groover “Cosmic Dancer,” from their 1971 album Electric Warrior. Listen to it below.

June says the song is a call to focus on the light and block out negativity: “‘Cosmic Dancer’ to me is a reminder that we don’t have to waste energy saying ‘shut the hell up’ to any voice telling us that our light is not needed,” June said in a statement. “We came to Earth to shine. We were called to radiate. There is one true belief: That we should spend our entire lives dancing in the light.”

It’s a T. Rex classic (and their original is indeed a beautiful, one-of-a-kind trip), but when June sings it, the song sounds like it was written just for her. Her coppery voice pairs perfectly with the concert-hall piano, splashy effects and wiry strings, not to mention the enlightening lyrics. From the “womb” to the “tomb,” there’s always a reason to dance, says Marc Bolan. And the truth holds up when June sings those words: “Is it strange to dance so soon? / I danced myself into the tomb.” Release the fear and dance it out, every single day.

June released her sophomore album, The Order Of Time, two years ago. It’s a bright, invigorating escape from what we might remember as a grim 2017.

Listen to Valerie June’s gorgeous take on “Cosmic Dancer” below. She also has a string of headlining tour dates coming up—find all those and purchase tickets here, then hear our favorite T. Rex songs right here.

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