Zuco 103 - Whaa!

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Zuco 103 - Whaa!

Brazilian beats in an Amsterdam café

Three is definitely a charm for Amsterdam-based Zuco 103,

a wandering group of university-educated musicians seeking the best in Brazilian grooves. That latter country is vocalist Lilian Vieira’s homeland, and on the band’s third release—surrounded by Euro-bred partners Stefan Schmid and drummer Stuv—she crafts a colorful tale of jazz-driven dance euphoria. Dub madman Lee Perry adds philosophical inquiry on “Love is Queen Omega” and “It’s A Woman’s World” (spinning James Brown on his head). But the clear winners are “Duele Le Le,” a catchy sing-along featuring Dani Macaco, and “Mayfly,” where Vieria showcases her soft, lustrous vocals.

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