Dallas Police Officer Fired After Shooting Man in His Own Home

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Dallas Police Officer Fired After Shooting Man in His Own Home

Police officer Amber Guyger has been fired from the Dallas Police Department following the shooting death of Botham Jean earlier this month.

Jean was killed on the night of Sept. 6 after Guyger entered Jean’s fourth-floor apartment, allegedly mistaking it for hers, located on the third floor. The then-off-duty officer said that upon finding Jean in the apartment, she gave commands that were ignored and, assuming she was being burglarized, fired. The shooting has been particularly controversial as Guyger’s recollection of the events changed as the investigation progressed and, of course, because Jean was shot while simply existing in his own home.

Guyger had originally been placed on administrative leave following the shooting, leading to calls for further action against her. Police Chief U. Renee Hall reportedly wanted to hold off on making a decision regarding Guyger’s employment until after the criminal investigation into the incident was completed to avoid interfering with its progress.

“As an employer, DPD can compel Officer Guyger to provide a statement during a DPD administrative investigation and those statements given to DPD could potentially compromise the criminal investigation,” Hall told Dallas News.

However, on Monday morning, the Dallas Police Department tweeted a statement announcing Guyger’s termination. The statement cited that Guyger “engaged in adverse conduct when she was arrested for manslaughter,” noting that the former officer will be allowed to appeal the decision “under civil service rules” if she so chooses.

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