Watch: This Video on Internet Bullying Will Probably Make You Cry

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This “Click With Compassion” video comes courtesy of Monica Lewinsky and various ant-bullying groups. It features actors bullying each other in real life using the kind of language that has become too pervasive online. Per CBS:

Monica Lewinsky was 24 years old when news broke online in 1998 about her relationship with then-President Bill Clinton. That led to years of harassment on the internet, which prompted Lewinsky to join the fight against cyberbullying.

Now, she is collaborating with anti-bullying groups in a PSA that shows how we treat each other online versus in the real world.

“This is very much about showing the disparity between how we behave online and how we behave offline when we’re face-to-face,” Lewinsky said Monday on “CBS This Morning.”

Brace yourself, this is a weeper: