Two More Bombs Target Joe Biden and Robert De Niro; White House Calls for Unity, Then Blames Media

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Two More Bombs Target Joe Biden and Robert De Niro; White House Calls for Unity, Then Blames Media

Since Tuesday of this this week, authorities have intercepted nine pipe bombs en route to targets including George Soros, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Maxine Waters and the Time Warner Center (home of CNN), and now, Joe Biden and Robert De Niro have been targeted, as well, per CNBC. These pipe bombs are made to be extremely unstable, to the point that simply handling the package could result in detonation. Authorities are also led to believe that more bombs could still be in the postal system. Each target is either a supporter of leftist ideals or a vocal opponent of President Trump.

As with the first attempted attack on George Soros, these bombs appear to be the direct result of propaganda from our own government. Soros has recently become the target of conspiracy theories that blame for everything from Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem to funding the migrant caravans. Similarly, Trump called Obama’s birth into question frequently, Clinton was his direct opponent in 2016, and the President’s hatred for CNN is unrivaled.

That’s why Jeff Zucker, President of CNN Worldwide, was unconvinced by Trump’s calls for unity. After the attacks on Wednesday, President Trump addressed the nation, saying that we should come together; that he condemns these attacks and all political violence. They “have no place in America,” and it’s “abhorrent,” he said, per the NY Post.

Zucker issued a direct response via CNN’s Twitter page:

Rightfully, he calls out Trump for being a catalyst of acts like these. It’s largely his fault, after all, that the media and its reporters are so dehumanized.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House Press Secretary responded:

In echoing Trump’s words, the same ones Zucker points to as being problematic, Sanders ignores the underlying issue, the guilt on the White House’s shoulders. Trump asks the nation to come together instead of admitting that he and his party are complicit.

The bomb sent to former Vice President Joe Biden was found early Thursday morning in Delaware. It was misaddressed, with packaging that matched each of the bombs found before it, which aroused suspicion. Authorities were then able to identify the bomb and handle it safely.

De Niro’s bomb was found on Thursday, as well. It was mailed to the the base of his production company, a building in Manhattan. The explosive looked just like the others before it. Again, law enforcement arrived and successfully disarmed it.

As authorities were securing De Niro’s building, Trump took to Twitter, seemingly unaware of what was going on. He attacked the media yet again::

At this point, he’s flat-out victim blaming. That’s why the White House’s reaction to this domestic terrorism is so ham-fisted and tone-deaf. His supporters believe what he says wholeheartedly and, just like the President, fail to bring about any evidence in support of their claims. We have yet to find out who is actually sending these bombs, but we already see from certain corners of Trump’s base a total inability to admit that it might have come from their side.

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