Despite Trump's Rhetoric, Even His Strongest Supporters are Jumping Ship

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Despite Trump's Rhetoric, Even His Strongest Supporters are Jumping Ship

Trump has relocated for the next 17 days for a “working vacation” at his secluded golf club in New Jersey. While he insists that he was basically forced to go there as the White House goes through some renovations—apparently unaware of more sensible alternatives like Camp David or his own hotel down the street in DC—Trump’s actions indicate a man bored out his mind. After all, work is no fun, and it’s raining too much in New Jersey to go golfing.

So what has Trump chosen to do? Blow up Twitter, naturally.

Citing his many (dubious) accomplishments thus far in his tenuous reign as leader of the free world, Trump continues to assert that his supporters are, “bigger and stronger than ever.” Presumably he’s referring to the number of constituents that support him rather than their relative girth, but that’s neither here nor there.

The fact of the matter is that Trump’s base of support is slipping more than ever, according to this article from WaPo. The story cites a poll from Quinnipiac University that shows just 33 percent of voters overall approve of Trump’s job performance. This is a new low in a year of cavernous depths.

But this is almost to be expected. What’s truly interesting is that among non-college educated voters—a key Trump demographic—just 43 percent approve of Trump’s job performance while 50 percent disapprove. Naturally, the president will brush this off as fake news, but how much longer will anybody be willing to listen if he continually fails to enact any substantial legislation or policies?

Hopefully, not long at all.

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