Trump’s Weekend Tweets, Ranked By Sheer Insanity

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Trump’s Weekend Tweets, Ranked By Sheer Insanity

Donald Trump, our American president, tweeted over the weekend. As always, the tweets were bad. But some tweets were worse than others, and as a public service, I’ll now rank them from least insane to most insane.

Not insane, and the only untrue part is where he calls Republicans in Congress “great,” when they are actually criminal servants to oligarchs. He also leaves off the fact that the “biggest” in his tax cut formulation refers to the savings from the ultra-rich, and nobody else.

This one is not super insane, just a flat-out lie. Over a ten-year period, the middle class will see no benefit from this tax plan, and some working class families will pay more due to the way the tax brackets are reconfigured.

It’s not necessarily insane that Trump is paying his respects to Rosa Parks, despite spending a good amount of his presidency inciting Islamophobia and anti-Muslim and anti-Mexican violence…it’s just kinda sickening.

Not super insane on the surface, but for two facts. First, it’s super weird to call your wife “First Lady Melania!” Also, you can’t quite see it in those pictures, but her Christmas decorations were super eerie.

The extent to which Whataboutism now dominates our politics is insane enough that I’m putting this one high up, even though Trump is obviously just manipulating his followers using their favorite rhetorical technique. A country where an entire group of people are ready to ignore crimes up to and including treason because someone else once did something wrong on the other side of the spectrum…well, that’s nuts.

Same deal.

Blatant lying is insane.

The fact that our president routinely live-tweets Fox & Friends—which is essentially Republican state TV—like an angry grandpa shouting at a television, is insane.

This was also from Fox & Friends.

This was also from Fox & Friends.

This was also from Fox & Friends.

A president committed to destroying journalism in America, even though freedom of the press is one of our most sacred rights? That’s insane! (Note: Brian Ross, you are not helping.)

Stoking the rage of anti-immigrant sentiment by highlighting one case of violence meant to paint a broad picture of all immigrants as criminals, with the additional benefit of distracting from a collusion investigation and a hugely unpopular tax bill? Insane. (By the way, this was also from Fox & Friends.)

Incredibly insane. As many people pointed out, Trump actively tried to get Comey to back off after he fired Flynn, and this looks like an admission that he already knew Flynn had lied to Pence about talking to the Russian ambassador. Which, of course, is also an admission that he obstructed justice. This would be a very bad thing for the president to admit, if we lived in normal times and weren’t controlled by a party that is, at its heart, so insane as to be completely unaccountable.

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