Elizabeth Warren Takes a Shot at Donald Trump's Sister

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Elizabeth Warren Takes a Shot at Donald Trump's Sister

In a Medium post published Monday, Elizabeth Warren released her plan to “end Washington corruption,” and it’s a thorough document that outlines the various ways in which she intends to restore faith in government. One particular section immediately catches the eye, because it targets Donald Trump’s sister:

Close the loophole that allows federal judges to escape investigations for misconduct by stepping down from their post. When Ninth Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski was confronted with a judicial ethics investigation for sexual misconduct towards young female law clerks, he resigned — and the investigation immediately ended. Similarly, sexual assault and perjury complaints against Brett Kavanaugh were dismissed when he was confirmed to the Supreme Court, and Donald Trump’s sister Maryanne Trump-Barry resigned from the bench, ending an investigation into the Trump family’s decades-long tax schemes, including potential fraud. Under my plan, investigations will remain open until their findings are made public and any penalties for misconduct are issued.

Obviously, this is a sound measure for judicial reform and is not based on Warren’s desire to hit the Trump family. However, it is a shot across the bow, and Trump won’t fail to notice it.

Warren’s mention of Brett Kavanaugh is almost as intriguing, considering the new allegations that surfaced this weekend.

On Monday night, Warren will speak on the theme of corruption in New York’s Washington Square Park.

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