10 Things We Know About Cesar Sayoc, the Alleged MAGA Bomber

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10 Things We Know About Cesar Sayoc, the Alleged MAGA Bomber

After several days of investigating the mail bomber, or MAGA bomber as some call him, the FBI has apprehended its first suspect. He’s a 56 year old man named Cesar Sayoc, and there’s quite a bit of information floating around about him and his past. The facts range from the ironic to the disturbing. We’ve put together the ten things you need to know about the suspected MAGA bomber, Cesar Sayoc.

1. He’s a Republican

Let’s start with the basics. Cesar Sayoc is a registered Republican, and has been since he registered in March 2016.

2. He’s a Huge Trump Supporter

As many have guessed from the MAGA bomber’s targets, he’s an avid Trump supporter. Searches of his social media reveal video of him present at Trump rallies, which is no indication that someone is capable of sending bomb threats. In Sayoc’s case though, it’s not a stretch to call him an extremist.

3. He Plastered His Opinions All Over His Van

Check out his totally normal van. He publicly displays extreme support of Trump and hatred of Clinton and the media. Let’s look at some of the stickers he’s plastered on, for all passersby to see. First of all, Trump is featured on a tank, with explosives going off in the background. Then, there’s a sticker saying CNN sucks, which is right next to one of the most disturbing images: crosshairs superimposed over Hillary Clinton’s face, per Heavy.

4. He’s a Convicted Felon With a Long History

Looking at his past is more than revealing in combination with his undying love for Trump. Since 1991 Sayoc has been convicted of a felony, charged with domestic violence against his mother, tampering with evidence, submitting fraudulent tax returns, possession of a fake I.D. and more. His most recent arrest was in 2014 for a misdemeanor. One specifically is notable in light of his arrest, though.

5. This Isn’t His First Bomb Threat

In 2002, Sayoc made a bomb threat in Dade County, Florida, per Heavy. His punishment was a meager single year of probation.

6. His Social Media Is Full of Conspiracies and Vague Threats

His Twitter supports just about every speculative theory about the targets of the mail bombs. His most recent retweet is an image that lines up with far-right conspiracy theories of the first target, George Soros. The Daily Beast even reports that he tweeted “you will vanish” at Soros. Sayoc also tweeted out images aimed at Debbie Wasserman Schultz, attempting to drag her into conspiracy theories.

7. Debbie Wasserman Schultz is His Representative

Cesar Sayoc was likely upset with Schultz because she was his county representative, which explains the images he tweeted. Coincidentally, though, Schultz was also listed as the sender of each of the mail bombs, as well as a recipient.

8. His DNA and Phone Records Were Key

Though it’s unclear exactly how the FBI was able to apprehend him, DNA and phone records seem to be a major part of the arrest. Metro reports that he was caught making threats to judges.

9. He’s in FBI Custody Now

At time of writing, Sayoc is on his way to FBI headquarters in Miami for questioning. His van has also been apprehended by police, per Metro.

10. He Loved Papa John