Watch: The UK's Labour Party Just Showed American Progressives How to Make a Perfect Political Ad

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Watch: The UK's Labour Party Just Showed American Progressives How to Make a Perfect Political Ad

Defeating Trump in the 2020 election is going to be harder than many Democrats believe, and a big part of the battle—especially if someone like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren wins the nomination, must as Wall Street loathes the prospect—will be communicating their values with simple, clear, targeted ads. And with the U.K.’s local elections set for this Thursday, May 2, American progressives have a perfect example of how to do so from the Labour Party. Watch this video about two different ways of stimulating the economy: Giving to the working class, or cutting the rich a massive tax break:

This hits all the right notes: It makes a broad social points, it illustrates the party’s values, and everybody can understand it because it doesn’t get too wonky. It doesn’t need to—the message is simple and intuitive, and reinforces a truth that most people already know while also subtly expanding that knowledge. It’s also inclusive and democratic, and it identifies the good guys and the bad guy without stridency or scolding. Plus, it’s lighthearted enough not to make people feel like they’re being asked to go to war, and it communicates its message with an uplifting tone that celebrates humanity. It makes you want to be part of the society they imagine.

“Getting money into the hands of ordinary people does a lot more for the economy than giving tax cuts to billionaires.”

That’s a sentence anyone can digest. Winning votes on a national level means painting a picture not just of your policies, but what a world infused with your policies would look like. The Labour Party captured that feeling perfectly in this ad, as they do in their slogan: “For the many, not the few.” American progressives would do well to pay attention.