An Open Letter to Sean Hannity From an Enormous Fan Who Must Disagree with You On One Small Matter

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An Open Letter to Sean Hannity From an Enormous Fan Who Must Disagree with You On One Small Matter


We’re in trouble. I read your excellent piece about Russia and the DNC hacks and President Barack Hussein Obama being a ninny about cybersecurity, and I listened to your awesome interview with Julian Assange, American Hero, and I agree a million percent with everything you said about the alt-left basically creating a fake news story to destroy our confidence in President Trump. It was all awesome. As usual.

And you raised a great, basic question: Why didn’t they say anything before the election? Sore losers! Trump won, and now I’m getting absolutely hammered pounding down all those liberal tears distilled from sour grapes. There’s probably been no better time in all of human history to be on Twitter.

But it turns out your question is a lot more dangerous than maybe you first thought.

Don’t get me wrong, though. I trust you. The FBI says there’s no evidence, and Comey redeemed himself back in October with the email thing round two so definitely he’s on the level. Plus Trump had this boss tweet the other day where he tweeted something about “why didn’t they say anything earlier?” Just like you! And Assange says he didn’t get any of the info from Russia. There’s no evidence! Case closed, I’d say.

Besides, we’ve got Silicon Valley right here and they know so much more about hacking than the Obama regime they could have done it easy. Why isn’t Nobama investigating them? And then this story about Russia helping Trump comes from totally out of the blue. (Get it? Totally out of the BLUE.) Because democrats can’t accept the fact they lost, big league. Sour grapes make great wine, Sean. Or should I say… whine? Feel free to use that! ;)

But here’s my question… I actually kinda remember hearing a lot about Russia during the campaign. I remember it because I remember that I thought it was just another alt-libtard media distraction to trick us into not reading the actual information that was in the Russian leaks. I remember it really well because that is when I knew I had a sacred duty as a patriot to share all the Podesta stories (gross) that I could on Facebook even if they came from Russia who was our sworn enemy since I was a kid. It doesn’t matter where information comes from as long as it’s true. Bottom line: We knew it was put out there to help Trump. Russia couldn’t use it directly, of course. It was up to America, and if the alt-left media wasn’t going to do anything about it, then it was our duty as patriots to use whatever ammunition was provided us to take out Hitliary Sinton.

But that’s why I’m really worried. Because of what I remember. Like, I truly do remember sharing those posts and thinking, “Oh man, this is going to destroy Crooked! Trump’s gonna win! Landslide!” (Did he ever!) And I remember thinking about how Russia and Wikileaks are national heroes in my book, because they did their patriotic duty, too, and saved us from a national disaster by doing all they could to get Hillary not get elected.

So that’s why I’m freaking out — because I’m remembering things happening exactly the way Obama is suddenly lying about how they happened. But thankfully, you’re saying it isn’t true.

At first I thought I was crazy. But then I remembered I wasn’t alone: all my friends said all the same things I did. And we’re not all crazy — we voted Trump lol!

So I gave it some thought and realized another possibility is that the American people could have been brainwashed by the alt-left into fake-remembering all the anti-Hitlery stuff that came from Russia that we shared on Facebook a few months ago with what I can only describe in a sissy way as “pure glee.”

So I looked into it because it would be a huge story if Obama were using propaganda and the cyber to try to change all our memories and get the electors to betray their country and elect Hillarious Blimpton or make Trump seem to the American people like he’s maybe not a legit President (B Hussein O, Muslim Kenyan national, is stealing Mr. Trump’s own idea and using it against him because he doesn’t have any ideas of his own, just look what’s happened to this country for instance) and the radical alt-liberace media like NBC Nightly News was in on it, so they were aiding and abetting treason.

And it paid off! I found all this stuff! Which is where you come in, because I trust you more than I trust the government or myself and you’re saying the exact opposite thing from us. Plus Assange is saying it, too, and Comey is saying it, too. You guys might be immune because of all your time hardening yourself against alt-lib propaganda, and plus Assange has been locked up in a tower in London the whole time.

The only thing is that Russia isn’t denying it, though, which — that’s a little weird, right?

Anyway. Here are my big discoveries.

First: I checked Facebook and those posts were all right there on my own wall. All my MAGA friends had them on their walls, too, and so did the all the Trump groups and some of them were like, “thanks ussr ha ha!” which freaked me out a little because the government may have created a bot to do that and hack my private Facebook.

Then I used Google and it turns out that way back in July there were all these headlines. Like, there was even one from the Wall Street Journal, which I thought was conservative: “Obama Says Experts Tie Russia to DNC Hacking — President says motives unknown but suggests Russia would stand to benefit from a Trump presidential victory.”

AND THEN I saw there was this press conference Trump gave where he actually asked Russia to hack Hillary Clinton. Guess what? It was the same date as the WSJ article! Do you think maybe someone planted that like in 1984?

I would. Because then there’s this other story from September where Boo-hisslery said she thought Russia was interfering and trying to tip the election in Trump’s favor. Lock her up!

I obviously couldn’t just stop there. It was just too big. I had to read all these liberal fake news stories for myself, because I had to get them to you — you are the only one who has the guts to set the record straight. (Alex Jones will not return my calls.)

And there’s even this debate footage of Crooked rudely interrupting Mr. Trump to yell shrilly at him about how Putin was interfering in the election and it would be obvious that it would help Trump, and said something about the fact that — somehow — seventeen US intelligence agencies all agreed about it. I didn’t watch that debate, so I don’t know if it’s real — did you see it? What I do know is that seventeen US intelligence agencies would never agree on anything. Nothing is that certain! Plus it looks like the Clinton News Network may have faked the debate footage I found, or maybe doctored it with photoshop or something, because you can’t see Clinton’s health harness under her shirt.

Plus, as you pointed out in your article using your awesome journalism skills, three weeks before the election Obama even said, “there is no serious person out there who would suggest somehow that you could even — you could even rig America’s elections. And so I’d advise Mr. Trump to stop whining.”

Now who’s whining?

But because I was so impressed that you found an article the media forgot to bleach, I looked it up, too. Turns out it’s even worse: everything I could find had the context of Obama not talking about the Russians hacking into the Podesta emails — instead, he was talking about them hacking the voting machines at that time. Rigging the voting/rigging the election. A sinister and subtle substitution.

So what’s Obama’s excuse for why he didn’t tell us about all this supposed CIA “evidence” before the election? Well, turns out some people say — and supposedly wrote months ago — that “he wanted “bi-partisan support” before going public that the hack was designed to hurt Hillary (help Trump) because he was worried about tipping the election and seeming partisan. He didn’t get that bi-partisan support, but he sure implied what Russia was doing. What a patriot, right? He clearly does not care about national security.

But you know who does care about this country and didn’t let any of that petty partisan stuff stand in his way and chose to do the right thing even if it influenced the outcome of a Presidential election and he didn’t have any hard evidence on him just yet that he could point to in order to back up all the sensational stuff he was saying? James Comey, Republican, that’s who.

And now look who looks partisan.

Barack Hussein Obama, Democrat, that’s who.

But what did they really know? Nothing. There’s no evidence. But I guess the failing New York Times has this article supposedly from “October” where they say the Russian hack obviously would have been done in Trump’s interest! The dead giveaway that this is a fake story, though, is the hack job on the quote from Trump at the end about whether he was connected to Russia: “I don’t deal there. I have no businesses there. I have no loans from Russia.” Riddle me this: Why would Trump just volunteer out of nowhere that last weirdly specific part about having “no loans from Russia,” without being prompted by a question asking him about loans? They’re setting up another conspiracy. Just wait.

Speaking of whether Russia really was working to benefit Trump, our own President-elect’s Twitter account may have been compromised. Check out some of his supposed campaign tweets — they’re making it look like he used the info from the Russian hack to his benefit. Now check Clinton’s Twitter. You guessed it: Nothing!

That’s the next President of the USA. High treason.

All this came straight from Google, which is run by liberals, FYI, which supports my theory.

I don’t know what to make of it all, Sean. It’s crazy. What’s happened to reality? What’s happened to the news? Who else can we trust? No one? Sometimes I feel like I’m wearing earbuds blasting Kanye but I’m in some totally incongruous place like, I don’t know, Trump Tower or something.

I wonder if you know what the long-term consequences of this kind of discourse will be, should it keep up like this. You’re a smart man, so I bet you do. We’re in for an information fight. There are two incompatible information systems and they can’t even have a rational dialogue. And now everyone is scared of being hacked, so even the Republicans are going to have to be careful about what they say — even on private email. What does this mean for freedom of speech?

I mean, isn’t that what our democracy is based on?

Our government and our people, who vote based on the information available to them, not only have a right to know but need to know exactly what happened here. It’s not unlikely that the American government and its intelligence agencies colluded with a powerful propaganda machine to influence the electoral process in order to install a candidate of their choosing and render unstable the underpinnings of American democracy we once thought sacrosanct.

Facts are non-partisan. So in the end, Sean, I’ve got to disagree with you on one really important thing: We desperately need a full, in-depth, relentless and transparent investigation.

The American people have a right to know exactly what happened here. What went down, what failed us. Because it wouldn’t be good for our democracy, it wouldn’t be good for our country, and it sure as shootin’ wouldn’t be good for our sacred electoral process — which probably too many of us sadly already consider “rigged” — if we’re being brainwashed with propaganda spewed into our minds from the alt-lib media-Obama industrial complex on screens made in Chinese factories we never see designed by liberal tech corporations colluding with the Obama regime to deploy some sort of top-secret high-powered CIA mind tool that would make the entire American public except for you, Comey, and Assange misremember the last six months of US history. That would be unprecedented. We have a right to know.

Big fan,

Roger Sollenberger

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