Obafemi Martins' Goal Against Colorado Will Knock Your Socks Off

Soccer Video Colorado
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Seattle Sounders forward Obafemi Martins knows the truth. He sees our world for what it is— a vast simulation with arbitrary rules that anyone, with enough awareness, can circumvent. Martins can see the very source code underpinning what we call reality, giving him mastery over the very laws of physics. The pitch, the ball, even his opponents are all shaped and bent to his will.

With Seattle nursing a 2-1 lead late in the game, Martins collected a long ball from Andy Rose just outside the penalty area. He controlled the ball, pivoted, and spun past two defenders all in one fluid motion. With his opponents disposed of, Martins took a touch while trotting toward goal before sending the ball into the lower left corner of the net.

Seattle went on to win 3-1, but the real winners are all who seek to transcend the material world. Existence is suffering, and the root of all suffering is desire. In Obafemi Martins, the path toward Enlightenment is revealed.