Enjoy Dušan Tadić on Sunday? Then Watch His Eredivisie Highlight Reel

Soccer Video
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Before the big Premier League kickoff this past weekend, the most quoted stat on Southampton’s new playmaker Dušan Tadi? was that he created a barely believable 133 chances for FC Twente in the Eredivisie last season. I honestly thought maybe someone somewhere had miscalculated.

But after seeing Tadi?’s dragback and reverse-pass assist to Nathaniel Clyne on Sunday, I became a believer. And I wanted to see more. And I’ll bet you do too.

So press play above to see Dušan Tadi?’s FC Twente showreel, with all the quick feet and even quicker thinking you would expect from the 25-year-old Serb. My particular favorites are the multiple change of direction move he pulls to beat two defenders around the 30 second mark, and the delicate chip over the keeper at two minutes in.