Louis van Gaal Admits That He Gets Bored Watching Manchester United

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At least Manchester United fans have something to bond with the manager over.

Louis van Gaal admitted yesterday that he sometimes gets bored watching his team play.

Speaking to the press ahead of their trip to Newcastle later today, van Gaal commented that he empathizes some of the negative reactions of the fans to the team’s performance— and that he occasionally shares them.

“There are matches that I have enjoyed very much. Against Chelsea I enjoyed it but the result was 0-0 and we could have lost. There are also matches where I’m very bored or angry because we are not disorganising our opponent’s defence but that is football. It’s not every match that every club is playing fantastically, football that attracts the people.”

The comments came in response to both an exceptionally weak performance in the FA Cup this past weekend and the fans’ reactions. The Red Devils hosted Sheffield United, currently in the middle of the table in League One, and struggled considerably more than they should have. Manchester United ended up winning 1-0 after being awarded a dubious penalty in stoppage time.

The supporters made it clear that they weren’t pleased. The team was booed off the pitch at halftime and thousands of fans left early. One can only imagine what that corner of the internet was like.

Van Gaal said he sympathizes with the fans but suggested that they should just get over it. “They have been ironic [during the FA Cup match] but that’s an expression of the fans and that’s good. The players were frustrated and the fans were frustrated. But the fans also have to know we can’t always play fantastic football and that was also the case in former days when it didn’t happen. I’m sorry about that, but it is like that.”

The manager also said that anyone who expects him to emulate a certain predecessor will inevitably be disappointed. “I’m not Sir Alex [Ferguson], as you know. Everybody is different and I don’t believe in yelling from the sidelines. I believe in communication during the week, during the preparation and I believe in my players who have to perform.”

Van Gaal’s comments echo those of his critics, including Class of ‘92 alum Paul Scholes. “The players looked bored themselves. There’s no spirit, there’s nobody having a go at each other, there’s no smiling, there’s no entertainment. I think even Van Gaal on the bench looks bored, but he’ll come out and say he’s happy. People need digging out sometimes. You need to make something happen.”

The Red Devils kick off against Newcastle at 2:45pm EST today. If nothing else, it might be a good excuse for an afternoon nap.

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