WATCH: Asmir Begović Takes Quiz On US Trivia, Fails Spectacularly

Soccer Video
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In advance of Chelsea’s preseason trip to the US— and possibly in keeping with the recent Fourth of July holiday? maybe?— goalkeeper Asmir Begovic sat down for a brief quiz challenge on American history and trivia.

Begovic, who was born in what is now Bosnia and Herzegovina but grew up in Canada, answered a broad smattering of questions ranging from basic history to where former teammates are playing.

The results were… mixed.

Begovic did best when the questions directly related to football. He knew which MLS teams former teammates Didier Drogba and Frank Lampard are playing for. He knew which year the US hosted the World Cup. He knew how many World Cup titles the USWNT has to their credit. Not bad, all things considered.

But then he said that the US has 52 states. And that the first President of the United States was… JFK.

In fairness to Begovic, plenty of Americans would get those questions wrong as well.