Tips and Tricks for Full, Flashy Lashes

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While a set of full lashes may be desired year round, spring, with flowers in bloom and warmer temperatures on the horizon, always, without fail, gets me hoping for longer, thicker yet natural looking lashes. Channeling a bare-faced Jane Birkin comes to mind or, though less natural to be certain, Twiggy’s cool-girl mod clumpy style with blue lashes evokes a springtime charm.

For those who feel the same, plenty of options exist to achieve any desired lash line: falsies, lash extensions and even prescription drugs can help in both the length, thickness and even hue department. But for those on a limited budget or opposed to the trials and tribulations that come with lash glue, a quick trip to the drugstore has more price-friendly, everyday options to help round out your lash game.

Prep List

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First and foremost, the best lashes take a touch of prep work. To get to the root of dry, brittle lashes, a few over the counter vitamins are said to aid in rejuvenating lash growth. Biotin and Evening Primrose Oil help strengthen nails, skin and hair, but, as always, check with a doctor before adding any new vitamin to your daily healthcare regime.

Sometimes if lashes feel used and abused, taking a breather from mascara helps give the delicate hairs some time to rest and recuperate for the next coat. After a few days without mascara, especially if you are a daily applier, when you do decide to swipe on two coats, your lashes will be sure to astound.

Before the first coat, be sure to give your lashes a quick curl if looking for the bright-eyed gamine vibe. Make sure to keep the curler clean from gunk and residue and always curl before applying any primer or mascara to avoid lashes catching and sticking. Simply run the curler under warm water or hold in your palms for a few minutes to heat the metal and pad, then gently curl at the base, the middle and the ends of your lashes. Try and avoid harsh, ninety degree angles and keep the bend soft and delicate for a more natural style. The Nars OM3 Eyelash Curler is sleek and efficient with a matte black finish to match any makeup bag.

After lashes are curled and ready, a quick swipe of primer can work wonders. Similar to prepping skin for foundation and concealer, a primer like Urban Decay's Subversion, not only conditions with Vitamin E but also coats lashes, giving mascara more than just your eyelashes to hold onto.

lashlash1.jpeg Nars Eyelash Curler OM3 via Barneys, $20

Application, Application, Application

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When lashes are primed and ready, be sure the type of mascara is best suited for your needs. While most offer a litany of benefits, not all mascaras are created equal. Pay attention to the size of the brush: bigger brushes add volume, curled brushes lift and smaller brushes help shorter lashes get the attention they deserve.

Color comes into play as well. Basic black looks always classic but black/brown can offer a more subtle appeal while navy blue is having a resurgence on the runways and adds an unexpected, seductive pop. No matter what, an option like Neutrogena's Healthy Lengths works for the everyday and is jam-packed with anti-oxidants to strengthen and nourish lashes from base to tip while still giving them those Bette Davis eyes.

lashlash3.jpg Healthy Lengths Mascara via Neutrogena, $8.49

Post Removal

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No matter what condition your lashes are in, never, ever go to bed with mascara on. Just like your face’s pores, lashes and the delicate skin around your eyes can become irritated and clogged. Try Dior’s Instant Eye Makeup Remover to help rid your lashes of even the toughest waterproof mascara—looking at you Maybelline! Take a cotton ball and gently wipe lashes until all the mascara has been removed. As much as you would rather be comfortably drifting off to sleep in your bed during the extra five minutes it takes to remove mascara, this small act readies does wonders when it comes to giving your eyes and lashes a little extra TLC before the next day’s mascara application.

lashlash4.png Instant Eye Makeup Remover via Dior, $31