Eight Great Scary Mobile Apps and Games

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If you can dress up your yard, your clothes, even your pets for Halloween, why should your mobile devices be any different? Between horrifying shooter games and fun apps, there are countless ways to get the Halloween spirit this month—and for cheap, too.

Below, we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite mobile apps and games that get the spirit just right, from an alarm clock that wakes you to the sound of zombies to a camera app that adds ghosts to your photos. And with the rest of October at your disposal, there’s no better time to download these than right now. Take a look at our eight favorites below, and add your own in the comments section.

8. Zombie Clock
Price: Free
Developed by: The FORM Group
Download: iTunes
Nothing will jolt you awake much like the eerie moans of the undead, so The Form Group has used this to its advantage with this hilarious Zombie Clock. As the app’s iTunes page shows, it’s just as basic as you’d hope for from an alarm app, with a very simple “zombies! clock! alarm!” describing the product to customers. Pair it with some gritty 3D brain imagery, and you’ve got a solid way to wake up in the month of October.

7. i-Scare
Price: Free
Developed by: Tapgames.nl
Download: iTunes
Remember that puzzle game years ago that would draw your face closer and closer to the screen only to scare the living daylights out of you? There’s an app with that, now, and if this concerned parent’s review in the iTunes store is any indication, it works:

This is NOT a game!

WARNING: No Parent should Approve!!!!??My 7 yr old thought he was getting a puzzle game and now he is terrified to go to sleep. While I completely admit, as a parent, I should have read the fine print. I still believe its important to say the advertising for this game does not accurately portray what your getting. It looks similar to all the other picture matching games, especially when it’s lumped in the same category. The Warning needs to actually WARN, instead it’s trying to call everyone a wimp.

6. Resident Evil 4 – Mobile LITE
Price: Free
Developed by: CAPCOM
Download: iTunes
Although this lite version only brings you through the first few levels of the fourth Resident Evil installment, you can’t beat the free pricetag or fun gameplay for mobile. The abridged version includes a few modes—story and mercenary—along with an updated “Coin Shoot” function, so this is one you might want to keep after the Halloween lights are taken down.

5. Ghost Capture
Price: $.99
Developed by: GDE Film, LLC
Download: iTunes
Ever wanted a quick and easy way to get a ghost to photobomb your photo? Short of heading out to your neighborhood’s most dilapidated house, GDE’s Ghost Capture is probably your best bet. Here, you get a selection of over 40 supernatural pals to superimpose into your own images. Personally, I think it’d be a good app to take out on a night out, send your buddies the results the next morning and say “So, I was going through our pictures last night…and you’ll never believe what I found.”

4. Zombie Infection HD
Price: $4.99
Developed by: Gameloft
Download: iTunes
Here’s a zombie shooter that you can carry around with you any day of the year. Zombie Infection HD brings you through 12 levels of zombie action—a mobile distraction great to get you through more terrifying real-life experiences like a stop at the DMV or the in-laws’.

3. ZombieBooth Pro
Price: $2.99
Developed by: MotionPortrait, Inc.
Download: iTunes
Are your selfies looking a little too lively? Dead yourself up with ZimbieBooth Pro, a photo capturing device that will craft your photo into a 3D zombie replica. New features include functions like your zombified self blinking or breathing all heavy. Not a bad investment, especially if you want to text the perfect photo to your loved ones that lets them know you want brains for dinner.

2. Soul
Price: $.99
Developed by: Kydos Studio
Download: iTunes
This artfully done puzzle game serves up challenges and scares in heaping piles. Adapted from an Xbox game, your goal is to guide a lost soul into heaven through hand-drawn levels—an app that will no doubt draw you in on any type of mobile device, especially in the dark.

1. Silent Hill: The Escape
Price: $.99
Developed by: Konami Digital Entertainment
Download: iTunes
This snappy, responsive take on the Silent Hill franchise is a fun alternative to the Playstation favorite and still manages to bring the creepiness to the front. While it has a small fee, the game is worth the price based on eerie sounds and visuals alone; the gameplay is a bonus.

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