10 Cheap Apps for Keeping Your Bills in Check

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10 Cheap Apps for Keeping Your Bills in Check

January means cold weather, and a sinking realization that you overspent during the holiday. What better way to organize your bills and finances than with an app?

We’ve rounded up 10 inexpensive apps with a focus on bill management. Each will ensure you keep on top of things and never miss a payment deadline.

1. Mint (Free)
mint_680.jpgMint is an all-in-one money management solution. After a brief set up process, you can easily track and pay your bills through the app, keeping an eye on your account balance at all times. The app tells you when payments are due, how much is due and what money is currently available to you within your account. With budgeting solutions also included, it’ll keep your finances in fine shape.

2. BillTracker ($2.99)
billtracker_680.jpgBillTracker offers a simple but clear calendar style interface, ensuring you always know what’s ahead. By providing a calendar, you can see at a glance what payments are upcoming, with the app backing that up through reminders. It’ll store every bill and payment you add, before allowing you to export your data in CSV format for future reference. It’s simple yet straight forward.

3. Bills for iPhone ($0.99)
bills_680.jpgBills for iPhone approaches things from a slightly different angle. It has you setting a figure at the start of each month, indicating how much you want to spend. You then mark days on a calendar where you have to pay for something, and determine what’s left over. You can easily filter bills and payments according to what’s involved, giving you ideal insight into where your money is really going.

4. Bill Watch (Free)
billwatch_680.jpgBill Watch keeps an eye on your income and expense bills. You simply add bills that need to be paid, with the app highlighting them via a Calendar or List view. Regular reminders, that can also be sent to your Apple Watch, keep you in the loop. Repeating bills are simple to set up meaning this can be a fairly hands-off solution.

5. Bills Monitor ($0.99)
billsmonitor_680.jpgOffering a fairly classy yet clean interface, Bills Monitor has you adding bills according to their category. You can quickly see how much they’re for, their due date and whether they’re recurring or not. Being able to organize things according to category makes it a great tool for searching through your finances.

6. Bill Keeper Pro ($1.99)
billkeeperpro_680.jpgPie charts and graphs are a great way to visualize how your money situation is going each month. Bill Keeper Pro taps into that, ensuring you know what bills are going out on which days. At a glance, you can see what’s going on, before setting alerts to remind you of when they’re due. There’s no limit on how many accounts or bills you set up, with multiple payments allowed for bills that can be paid in part.

7. Chronicle ($4.99)
chronicle_680.jpgChronicle is a fast way to see what bills are going in or out of your account. It’ll keep track of your payment history, along with confirmation numbers so you always have proof. Its greatest strength? It’ll sync up with the Mac equivalent app, meaning you can always keep an eye on things, no matter what system you’re using. There’s Launch Center Pro support too.

8. Crowd Money (Free)
crowdmoney_680.jpgCrowd Money is a bill tracking app that focuses on sharing your expenses with others. You can add people to it, create multiple events, and divide up expenses accordingly. It’s perfect for those splitting bills with roommates or couples trying to be more organized together. Reminders work as a subtle way of informing your friend or partner that something is due.

9. HomeBudget Lite (Free)
homebudget_680.jpgHomeBudget Lite is ideal for those that want to share expenses and income information with all the household. It’ll sync up automatically, keeping everyone in the know. You simply load it up, check what bills are due, and adjust accordingly. Alongside that, the app will analyze your expenditure via charts and graphs, giving you clear insight into your finances.

10. MoneyWiz 2 ($4.99)
moneywiz2_680.jpgMoneyWiz 2 is a stylish solution that appreciates the importance of unexpected bills, as well as regular payments. Reminders and forecasting helps in one way, meaning you know what’s ahead, but there’s more going on here. You can arrange your accounts into groups, before viewing reports that explain all that’s going on. Import features further enhances its potential.

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