Samsung’s One UI Watch4.5 Update Expands Accessibility Options, Adds ‘Fuller Typing Experience’

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Samsung’s One UI Watch4.5 Update Expands Accessibility Options, Adds ‘Fuller Typing Experience’

Samsung’s Galaxy Watch series is set to receive an array of accessibility options and a “fuller typing experience” thanks to a forthcoming UI update.

The company announced Tuesday that its soon-to-release One UI Watch4.5 update will bring new customization tools addressing accessibility on its current and forthcoming lines of Android wearables. Among the additions are hue and constraint adjustment for “users who have a difficult time distinguishing colors,” reduction of blur effects and transparency and the option to remove animations altogether.

The update also includes the ability to balance directional audio output on Bluetooth headsets, extend timers for on-screen temporary functions and adjustable touch input interactions, including disabling repeated touch inputs.

Even better, Samsung said all of these options will be located in its own dedicated menu instead of having to wade through the copious amount of settings to find them.

The update also improves the communication functionality of Samsung’s trademark wearables, adding a full QWERTY keyboard with swipe to type as an input option. Users will be able to switch easily between the new keyboard, dictation and handwriting at any time as input tools.

One UI Watch4.5 also brings dual-SIM support which can be managed alongside Galaxy smartphones, allowing users to make calls without exposing their personal phone number.

The announcement comes as rumors swirl about Samsung possibly introducing a new line of wearables.

Samsung said the update is currently slated for release sometime in “the third quarter” and will be available for Galaxy Watch4, Galaxy Watch4 Classic and “upcoming Galaxy Watch Series.”

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