Top 5 Reasons Why Chromebooks Are The Next Big Thing

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When Chromebooks first debuted back in 2011, they seemed like nothing more than a side project for massive everything-producing, search giant Google.

Today, we have a different story. With everyone from Toshiba, Lenovo to Asus and Samsung wanting to get in on the fray, Chromebooks are quickly becoming the next important evolution in what a laptop is.

Here are the top 5 reasons why Chromebooks are becoming the next big thing:

1. Multitasking, typing, and workflow management on tablets isn’t quite there yet

Screen shot 2014-01-29 at 11.39.52 PM.png

Let’s be honest for a second: Despite how much Apple would love to convince you otherwise, the iPad is still not a fully functioning work machine. Yes, you can check email, browse the web, and a lot of other stuff through third-party apps. But when it comes to getting some serious work done, most people like to have a full size keyboard, a larger screen, and a less limited operating system at their disposal. Laptops might be ruled out someday, but that day has definitely not come yet.

2. The Price. Come on.


Considering the average price of a Chromebook is more than half as much as an iPad and even less than a Nexus 7 in some cases, you won’t find a computer out there with this much bang for the buck. Most people don’t go very far beyond their Chrome browser window in their day-to-day computer use anyway, so why spend a thousands bucks on the power of an ultrabook that you’ll never use?

3. Fantastic Battery Life

Screen shot 2014-01-30 at 12.13.59 AM.png

What Chromebooks lack in specs, they make up for in battery life. Because many of the newest Chromebooks run Intel’s Haswell chip set, battery life for newer models are upwards of 8 or 9 hours—that’s a full day and more! The lightness of the operating system really allow Chromebooks to fully utilize the tech that they do have, making for an overall lightweight experience that doesn’t compromise when it comes to battery.

4. Lightweight, Elegant Design


While they don’t have the substance of something like a MacBook Air or a Lenovo ThinkPad, some of these Chromebooks are surprisingly well designed. While most of them tend to take a lot of inspiration from the aforementioned MacBook Air, they still often end up feeling unique in their own way. The designs tend to stands out from the look of Windows ultrabooks by focusing on simple lines and minimalistic, but sturdy materials.

5. A Clutter-Free, Distractionless Work Environment


Sometimes limitations are the best environments for great, creative work. While you won’t be able to use Photoshop or Pro Tools on your Chromebook, the software limitations of these devices can really be good for those who are easily distracted. The best news is that with more apps and updates to the OS coming, things will only get more refined from here are out. That’s why when it comes to hammering through emails or writing something I’ve been putting off, there is just no other device I’d rather work on.

Luke Larsen is the tech editor at Paste Magazine. You can follow him on Twitter at @lalarsen11.