We're Looking for Tech Writers!

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We're Looking for Tech Writers!

Whether it’s smartphones, digital cameras or 3D printing, technology is constantly changing—and sometimes following it can be like shooting at a moving target. But technology isn’t just smartphones and computers—it touches art, music, books, work, transportation, and pretty much every other facet of our modern lives.

If you are somebody who can disseminate techno-babble and translate it for the masses—if you’re the person who’s always after what’s new and can write like nobody’s business—we want you as a freelance writer for the tech section at Paste.

We cover all the major tech events, review products, and stay up to date with the tech news throughout the day. We also publish in-depth features on interesting startups, apps, and weird tech, as well as fun lists and galleries.

If you call yourself a technology enthusiast and have got the writing chops for it, send in a resume and writing clips to lukelarsen@pastemagazine.com. If you’re feeling particularly inspired, send a couple of pitches in your email as well!

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