Airbnb is Now Letting Neighbors Complain to Them About Annoying Guests

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Airbnb is known as a website for people to find cheap and sometimes extremely quirky places to stay, from Hamlet’s castle to the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ lair. But, it’s also known to many major cities as a website with illegal listings and to neighbors as a website that lets noisy guests move in.

Luckily for neighbors of Airbnb hosts, today the service has created Airbnb Neighbors, a complaint center for them to share concerns about listings or guests, such as noise complaints and criminal activity. The service will then investigate the concerns and follow up with the hosts, if necessary. If a host violates Airbnb’s terms, the host will be removed or suspended from Airbnb.

“Neighbors can submit information without having their name disclosed to a host or allow our team to pass along their contact information so the host can follow up with them directly,” said Airbnb in a blog post. “Once a neighbor submits feedback, we will send a confirmation email, along with a case number.”

Neighbors can also complain to city departments, such as the Georgia General Assembly.