5 Spooky Airbnbs Perfect for Halloween

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5 Spooky Airbnbs Perfect for Halloween

With Halloween just days away, you might have an itch to get out of town and escape to a spookier destination than your own neighborhood. While you could always take off to a well-known Halloween destination like Salem, Mass., or even Colorado’s Stanley Hotel, which inspired The Shining, there are plenty of spine-tingling stays closer to home. For those who want to feel like they’re staying inside their favorite murder mystery story or scary movie, these five Airbnb’s across the United have you covered—whether it’s for this Halloween or one in the future.

The Haunted Mansion, California


One of the most coveted Airbnbs for fans of Disney’s Haunted Mansion is an Airbnb designed after the attraction and located in California. The four-bedroom house is filled with rooms any enthusiast will recognize. From Madame Leota’s seance room to halls lined with spooky glow-in-the-dark wallpaper, eight guests can wander through the house and spend a creepy night inside the incredible Airbnb. At $808 per night, it might sound like a steep stay. But if you gather enough friends, you can split the bill for quite a reasonable rate for such an impressive Superhost Airbnb.

The Schoolhouse, New York


For more of a chic vibe than the Disney fan-favorite, check into a room at the Cemetery Schoolhouse in Hudson, N.Y. This building is actually home to four Airbnb lofts in one. The Asian Room is undoubtedly one of the best options. The room has stunning furnishings including an 18th century carved wooden opium wedding bed. It really is a beautiful historic Airbnb, and the views of the Cedar Park cemetery across the street certainly add to an aura perfect for Halloween.

Lilburn Mansion, Maryland


Just outside of Baltimore, Md. is a quaint little village known as Ellicott City. Filled with small-town charm, it’s a countryside getaway that’s an apt destination for All Hallow’s Eve for those who stay in the Lilburn Mansion. Though the 1857 mansion was originally burned in a fire, the Victorian home was restored and is now purportedly haunted by ghosts. Those who spend a weekend there will have plenty of time to explore the bedrooms, a ballroom, the pool and even a library. You might even want to plan an elegantly creepy dinner for the big night.

Bedrock Homestead, Utah


Few things might be more frightening or alarming than waking up in a cave and not knowing where you are. But this Utah Airbnb might just make you squeal with delight. Like waking up in the clutches of a James Bond villain, the Bedrock Homestead is an amazing architectural feat. To reach it, guests even have to drive a stretch through a river. You can even bring your music or the whole band too if you’d like and riff off one another all night under the stars.

The Manor Master Chamber, Minnesota


Built in 1883, this Tudor-style home is one of the most frightening homes you’ll find on Airbnb. Inside the home features a sizeable fireplace, antique furniture and plants that liven up the space. It certainly has a dungeon-like quality about it and dark features throughout the interior that make it feel a bit moody. This Saint Paul home is an amazing backdrop for a Halloween murder mystery dinner, a spooky party or even just a cozy night in with a ouija board or a deck of tarot cards for mystical and spectral encounters all night long.

But whatever you do or wherever you stay, make sure to listen to your gut. Just as an Airbnb stay took a startling turn when a man discovered a hidden room behind the air vent for peeping in on guests, you never know when an Airbnb could turn into a truly horrific experience that’s very real.

Molly Harris is a freelance journalist. You can often find her on the highway somewhere between Florida and North Carolina or taking life slow in Europe.