This Inflatable Mattress Turns Your Backseat Into A Bed

Travel News
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Welcome to a whole new world of road-tripping, courtesy of backseat inflatable mattresses.

Sometimes backseat napping is an unavoidable part of our travel experience. Know what’s also unavoidable? The awful back pain that accompanies kicking up your feet in a car. There is literally no way to get decent rest in an automobile unless you’ve got a big trunk and fold down seats. Even then your body gets stiff from the hard and scratchy surface.

Online retailer Lightinthebox is offering frequent travelers—and those with an aversion to hotel stops mid-way through their journeys—a better option than the lumpy support of their car cushions. This mobile, inflatable one-size-fits-all utility vehicle bed fits perfectly into almost any backseat.

It is 3.2 kg in weight, 135×88x42 in dimension, comes with its own pillow, and is made out of PVC. You can get the mattress in a variety of colors, too, including grey, yellow and green. And don’t worry about falling off. The mattress is contoured to fit snugly and weighted to keep you steady. It’s currently priced at $103.99.

LEBOSH has another version of the car accessory that’s a little lighter, comes in a different size and includes an air compressor, repair kit, and a tote bag in addition to the pillow. This version is also slightly cheaper, going for $92.99.