Alex Rider Returns in New Television Series

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Alex Rider Returns in New Television Series

Alex Rider is returning to the screen in a new series from Sony Entertainment. The hugely popular YA series by Anthony Horowitz follows the missions of Alex Rider, a 14-year-old British schoolboy who discovers that his uncle has been secretly training him to be a spy for MI6 his entire childhood.

In 2006, a feature film adaptation of the series’ first novel Stormbreaker was released, starring Alex Pettyfer (The Butler), Ewan McGregor and Bill Nighy. The film was largely considered a commercial and critical failure, and no further films were made in the would-be series.

Sony Entertainment hopes to have better luck on the small screen. As Variety reports, Sony has teamed up with British producer Eleventh Hour Films for an eight-part adaptation based on Point Blanc, the second installment in Horowitz’s series.

Horowitz, who will act as executive producer on the new series, confirmed the news on Twitter and expressed his excitement for the new scripts:

In Point Blanc, MI6 sends a reluctant Alex as an unofficial spy to investigate a mysterious correctional academy for children of the uberwealthy. Sony is currently looking for broadcasting or platform partners.

As the follow-up to 2000’s Stormbreaker, Point Blanc was first published in 2001. The series has spawned 11 novels and five graphic novels, and Horowitz plans to continue Alex’s adventures via the forthcoming Nightshade, due out in 2019.

Stay tuned for further Alex Rider updates as pre-production continues.