Black Mirror Season Four Gets a Premiere Date and a Full Trailer

TV Video Black Mirror
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Having finished airing its collection of teasers for each individual episode, Netflix has put out a full trailer for the entire fourth season of Black Mirror, in addition to sharing the premiere date.

The fourth season of the acclaimed sci-fi anthology series looks to cover pulpier ground this time out—there appears to be both a Mad Max-style dystopia, a creepy museum full of criminal objects and a full-on Star Trek parody in the ranks. The other half of the episodes looks like more typical Black Mirror fare, with a device that controls children, an app that promises true love and a person who looks through people’s memories.

Perhaps the most surprising part of the new trailer is the release date it promises. Dec. 29 is much sooner than anticipated—just yesterday, we’d have thought the fourth season was most likely to premiere in 2018.

Black Mirror premieres Dec. 29 on Netflix. You can check out all the stuff we’ve written about the anthology series here.

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