Watch: The Fuller House Series Finale Ended Where It All Began

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Watch: The Fuller House Series Finale Ended Where It All Began

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Keri Lumm reviews the final season of Fuller House for Paste, which you can watch in the video above or read the transcript of below:

Full(er) House is over again, and while I’m sad about that, it is a show that basically came back as a nice surprise to begin with.

Some reboots try to be something different, but Fuller House was the same ridiculous show with corny jokes that gave us some laughs.

One person who wasn’t laughing, was Aunt Becky. Lori Loughlin didn’t get to participate in this finale with Uncle Jesse, because she is embroiled in scandal. Oddly, the show gave the empty-nester characters an adopted child which now Uncle Jesse is raising on his own.

The only reference I heard about Becky was that she was in Nebraska … which she would probably prefer to her little stay in jail. I wonder if she has called Martha Stewart for jailtime tips?

The show ended with DJ getting married to Steve. (Side note: I would like to borrow everything that DJ wears. Her hip mom wardrobe is on point. I wish her stylist could come over to my house and dress me.) I think the premise that she ended up with someone else who died and then got a happy ending was a little bittersweet. Kind of like the end of How I Met Your Mother. You knew Ted was always supposed to be with Robin, but instead he ended up with that other lady, the kid’s mom, and the happy ending is that he gets with the one he always wanted.

It’s like that.

But I’m glad for the happy ending, which is also a triple wedding.

The whole season is about planning the wedding, which ultimately is completely foiled and they marry at the Full House.

Why wouldn’t they? It’s a San Francisco landmark. Whoever owns the house could make a killing renting it out for weddings!

The series also answers the question of why we never see Kimmy Gibbler’s parents: They are bad parents. I think as you watched the show in the ‘90s it was clear they were unavailable. It felt nice to hear them lend a voice to that.

While DJ, Stephanie, and Kimmy had all been living in the house together, they are all now going to go their separate ways. Even though they are all living rent free in the house that Danny bought!

They leave, DJ cries, but then Stephanie and Kimmy come back and say they want to stay. And we are left thinking that they are raising their family together in the Full House house.

And yes, it is definitely fuller than in the ‘90s.

The reason I like the Full House franchise is that it is like television cotton candy. It’s light, you enjoy it, but it doesn’t stick with you. I enjoyed this corny reboot because it takes us back to a simpler TV moment. What I wouldn’t give to just hear about one scandal at a time …

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