Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Review: “Spring”

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Oh, right, like therapy with Lorelai was going to work. It was another great way to annoy her mother, though! Maybe instead of traditional therapy, they should schedule a meeting with Mrs. Kim. She’d set them straight.

Taylor has organized an international food festival. Of course, they don’t have all of the nations represented and it’s a very typical Taylor-led debacle, but people still have fun.

Except for those of us watching Jackson make another lame-o Sookie excuse. Seriously. They should have made one story to work her out and let it go. Either do it or don’t. The in-between is super annoying.

Rory’s back in London working on a children’s book/biography for the crazy British lady, but it feels like the real reason she’s there is to be with Logan.

Who shows up at their dinner but Logan’s dad, and as usual, he offers to help Rory with her Conde Nast meeting. (How could she receive help from him again? This makes zero sense to me.)

And then we get the news that Logan isn’t just a playboy anymore, and Rory isn’t the only one cheating. He’s with an heiress named Odette.

Rory! I know you’re still into Logan and I get it, but there has to be a single man out there.

She offers to stay in London for a few more days, but he turns her down because Odette is going to come sleep with him that evening.

I wish Rory would tell her mother.

Back in Stars Hollow, Luke gets invited to a private dinner with Emily, and Lorelai (of course) comes along. The reason he was invited? Emily has tons of money for Luke in a trust to expand his “Luke’s Diner Empire.” She actually picks him up from work later in the episode to go out with a realtor.

Rory has to leave London because Logan no longer has an empty spot in his bed and she ends up at Chilton with Paris. They get into a fight in the bathroom with Francie, and Paris would have no real love from the Chilton staff if she was not a big donor.

It’s here that Headmaster Charleston suggests that Rory get a master’s degree and come back and be a teacher at the school.

She turns him down and asks Logan to get that meeting for her at Conde Nast.

In the meantime, she loses her book pitch with the crazy British lady and calls up Conde Nast to do a spec piece about people who wait in line in New York City.

She takes her mom along for her research and ends up having a one-night stand with a wookie.

Rory is so lost. It’s not what we wanted or expected from Rory. It’s all very shocking.

She hates the piece she’s writing for Conde Nast, so she decides to try for the job at Sandy Says, a small digital news site—and they don’t want her, either.

The only thing left is for Rory to move home.

While Lorelai and Emily are working through their typical issues, the downward spiral of Rory is hard to watch, but keeps us hooked for the next episode.

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