How to Get Away with Murder: “Best Christmas Ever”

TV Reviews How to Get Away With Murder
How to Get Away with Murder: “Best Christmas Ever”

HTGAWM has had us hook, line, and sinker since its beginning, and this episode proved why. Everything is coming full circle, only now Annalise is a different character from the strong, independent woman that we were first introduced to.?

??Annalise’s decision to sway from Team Sam has become somewhat of a phenomenon, attracting clients who respect her choice. In what is possibly the strangest case we’ve seen on the show yet, a woman (Jackie) wants to turn in her husband for capturing and keeping two girls in their basement—and one of them is pregnant. She says the baby died last time, and she doesn’t want it to happen again. All this info is given in exchange for a plea deal—which becomes the class lesson. The class setting has faded away in the distance, as the show shifts to a more professional angle. In a twisted outcome, it turns out the baby is alive and she has been raising it for 4 years. Twisted. Annalise gets her a deal and then goes back on her word because she was the only witness… this sort of threw me off. I mean I understand what she is doing and the point she is making; however, it seems like this could hurt Annalise’s reputation in the long run, if she’s not upholding her end of the bargain.

The murder case is threatening the sanity of the Keating five. Wes is having nightmares, Laurel is channeling her aggression towards her family, and Michaelas fiancé postponed the wedding with her, since she has been acting crazy. Connor is the only one that seems to be coping with this relatively well, by focusing all his attention on Oliver.?? Hannah Keating’s role, evidently increasing the drama from last week’s preview, is overshadowed by all of the chaos, but she manages to show up in town and scare the kids to no end anyways. Plus, shes ‘stalking’ Annalise. In an attempt to calm the beast, Annalise invites Hannah over for dinner, to cook and talk. Hannah is left unimpressed by Annalise’s casual demeanor towards her missing husband, and is starting to get suspicious. I think that Hannah will be the one driving a wedge between Annalise, her students, and the rest of the world. She goes to Bonnie asking for help as the evidence against Sam is not strong—namely, no one saw him in the sorority house and none of Sam’s DNA was found on Lila’s body. Makes me wonder, did Sam kill her? I feel like he must have, since there probably would not be a random suspect addition this late in the season.

But, hold the phone, because OMG THE REMAINS OF SAM WERE JUST FOUND IN A DUMPSTER? Remember when Wes wanted to burn the body, when the rest were too lazy and just decided to dump it in a landfill? Yeah, the team should have listened to him. The takeaway: there’s a time to be lazy, and when you’re trying to get away with murder, that’s not it.??This just can’t be good for Annalise and her students.

Thus, Hannah: 1 Annalise: 0.

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