Watch Our Exclusive McMillion$ Finale Clip: How Did Uncle Jerry Do It?

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Watch Our Exclusive McMillion$ Finale Clip: How Did Uncle Jerry Do It?

For those of you following along in the endlessly entertaining (thanks, Special Agent Doug Matthews!) and deeply twisted HBO documentary series McMillion$, you will know that at this point leading up to the final, there is just one big question left. Well, maybe two questions. One: How did “Uncle” Jerry Jacobson get this hands on the prizewinning Monopoly game pieces when he was constantly monitored? And two: Who called the FBI and got this whole ball rolling?

Writers and directors James Lee Hernandez and Brian Lazarte have taken us on quite a ride, as McMillion$ has been full of twists and reveals into a scam that rocked the uber-popular McDonald’s Monopoly game for over a decade, resulting in almost no legitimate major winners.

As I wrote about the show for our TV Power Ranking, “Though this was not a victimless crime, the stakes do allow for a welcome playfulness in the series’ style, which also naturally extends to the interviewees involved in this sprawling plot. But while McMillion$ is a surprisingly fun examination of the con and the con men, it’s also a worthy portrayal of the toll that predatory offers take on those most vulnerable to their poisoned charms.”

Check out our exclusive clip from the finale below, airing Monday, March 9th at 10 p.m. on HBO:

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