Netflix Reveals Forthcoming Catalogue of Several South Korean TV Shows and One Film

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Netflix Reveals Forthcoming Catalogue of Several South Korean TV Shows and One Film

Parasite swept at the Oscars, K-pop reigns supreme, and this one white guy has had extensive plastic surgery so he can look Korean. Whether deemed historic, fanatic or uncanny, it’s clear that Korean art (and aesthetics) have peaked in popularity recently. Netflix has responded to this surge in demand of Korean media by announcing a slate of South Korean content on its streaming platform, consisting of several TV series and one movie.

The added focus on South Korean content comes just a little over a week after Netflix dropped the second season for its series Kingdom, a “K-zombie” series which has become a hot title across Asia.

“Millions of people globally have already chosen to watch its second season,” Netflix’s Seoul office said in a statement.

The sole film among the various new titles is Yoon Sung-hyung’s dystopian prison escape movie Time to Hunt, which premiered at the Berlin Film Festival in February. It was then slated to release wide in South Korea on February 26, but coronavirus fears pushed the release date further and further. Eventually, the producer of the film, Little Big Pictures, decided to opt for a streaming release of the film, set to hit Netflix on April 10.

The television shows, with staggered premiere dates throughout the globe, will span genres, with titles focused on reality, crime, romance, comedy and sci-fi. Rugal Extracurricular, The King: Eternal Monarch, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay, Twogether, The School Nurse Files and Sweet Home will soon be there for us to binge during these trying times.

Perhaps elevated viewership in South Korean media will also implore people to take social distancing seriously so that we can catch up to the country’s coronavirus measures, with new cases dwindling every day due to their swift response.

Check out the trailers for the content slated to be out later this spring/summer.