Netflix Wants Half of Its Library to Be Original Content

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Netflix is becoming a more and more dominant force in television, and they’re far from done. According to Variety, the streaming service wants to expand its original programming to 50 percent of its total library. Netflix CFO David Wells revealed the news and explained that the company is “one-third to halfway” toward reaching its goal.

Just as under the current model, the other half of the library would be the licensed TV shows and movies that are most of what made Netflix attractive to viewers initially. That isn’t to say that every original show has to be successful on the level of something like Stranger Things. As Wells put it, “We don’t necessarily have to have home runs … We can also live with singles, doubles and triples especially commensurate with their cost.”

This announcement doesn’t come as a total surprise, especially as the streaming company continues to decrease the number of licensed TV shows and films available through the service. With its original content, Netflix isn’t looking to simply be a vehicle for conversation—it’s looking to drive it. Creating more in-house content gives Netflix more control over its own destiny. Of course, it also means that you’ll probably never get off the couch again. Everything’s a trade-off.