Kaiju Return in the First Trailer for Netflix Anime Pacific Rim: The Black

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Kaiju Return in the First Trailer for Netflix Anime Pacific Rim: The Black

Fans have been waiting since 2018 to get a glimpse at the animated continuation of the Pacific Rim franchise, and Netflix has finally unveiled a series that has been a long time coming, Pacific Rim: The Black. The anime take on Guillermo del Toro’s original 2013 monster movie seems to be set entirely in Australia, possibly before the events of the first film, in a time when the entire continent is overrun by the massive kaiju. The release date is almost upon us as well, as Pacific Rim: The Black will hit Netflix on March 4, 2021.

The series is produced by Legendary Television, with animation from Polygon Pictures, and the visual style here is certainly interesting—it looks a bit on the gauzy side, with a constant cloud of dust doing battle with bright and intense neon colors. Certainly, it looks a bit different than the gothic grandeur of something like Netflix’s own Castlevania or Blood of Zeus.

The series would appear to follow a pair of teenage siblings, who have been living in hiding ever since the disappearance of their parents when Australia fell to the kaiju. Were their parents jaeger pilots, perhaps? These kids certainly seem to know their way around a cockpit. The trailer also reveals new threats, such as “smaller” kaiju that are able to hunt humans within more confined spaces. It’s telling that Netflix seems to be confident in the series’ success, and has already greenlit a second season.

Check out the full trailer for Pacific Rim: The Black below.

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