Poldark: A Guide to Losing Love

(Episode 2.06)

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Poldark is a bad boy. Good girls like bad boys, unless they’re the ones the bad boy leaves behind, and Poldark is not doing right by Demelza.

I’ve got a bad feeling about this.

Poldark goes to see his friend Elizabeth and gives her the good news that his debt has been paid as well and she laments the fact that he won’t have to come calling anymore.

But he promises he will.

Oh yeah, can’t leave that sad widow lonely, who cares if his wife and the mother of his child needs help.

Finally, it looks as though there is a happy ending in sight when the good doctor and Caroline have decided to make a plan to elope and everything is set up.

Oh right, a happy ending? This is Poldark.

Our resident wise woman, in the form of the old Aunt, knows that Elizabeth is trouble. She hates George, like everyone, but she’s also very disapproving of Elizabeth’s relationship with Ross. She knows that’s trouble just waiting to happen.

Elizabeth doesn’t listen. She’s always loved Ross and now she’s lonely, so she sends him a note.

I bet she wishes she had Snapchat.

He doesn’t respond right away and she thinks she’s being ghosted. Of course, he never got the letter.

Demelza is worried about Ross as well, but mainly because she knows he’s planning to break the law again.

At least he’s not into drugs. He smuggles other stuff.

And everyone knows there’s a rat among them that’s going to out Ross if he can, and Dr. Ennis finds the man and attacks him.

Of course, all of this drama is going down on the very night he’s supposed to rendezvous with Caroline, and ultimately, he doesn’t come to whisk her away. She is sitting there with her dog and heartbroken.

Think how many things could have been solved with cell phones in this episode.

While Dr. Ennis doesn’t save his relationship, he does stop the informant, and manages to warn Ross of the ambush awaiting him on shore.

He warns him by creating a burning bush.

Demelza is stuck on home arrest with the military and Ross is hiding in a secret hidey-hole. The good news is, he’s lived to see another day and two women are happy about it.

Of course, George has announced his plans to marry Elizabeth.

I say, good luck with that. Aunty has a gun and she looked like she was ready to use it.

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